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Meeting The Plug

The other day we had lunch with a CDFI Executive: and he more or less explained how, together, we will Unlock New Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Indeed this was a pivotal meeting with Brian, an executive from a Community Development Financial Institution (otherwise known as a CDFI). If you’re not already familiar, this is a threshold […]


FEATURE CONTENT: How to Build Business Credit and Accomplish Goals Entrepreneurs leverage time, resources, energy, and people to create, increase, and accomplish goals that align with their vision and purpose. In this guide, we’ll explore how Superpreneurs approach their work and share strategies for establishing and improving business credit. By Relentless Aaron Understanding Superpreneurs Superpreneurs […]

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Business Credit

This is a peek into the new guide we’re publishing. Make sure you’re part of our mailing list to ge any or all of our free guides when they’re released. If you’re an entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level, strong business credit is essential. But where do you start when it […]

Paying Charge-Offs; Does It Help?

Strategies for Handling Charge-Offs on Your Credit Report” This post outlines tactics for dealing with charge-offs that are negatively impacting your credit score. It covers options like negotiating goodwill removal or pay-for-delete agreements with original creditors. The post also discusses adding consumer statements to provide context on legitimate extenuating circumstances behind any charge-offs. Helpful template […]

Navigating Business Credit with Confidence: John Doe’s Journey to Financial Freedom

Join us on John Doe’s enlightening journey through the world of business credit and personal finance. This insightful blog post delves into John’s current financial landscape, revealing the challenges and triumphs faced by many entrepreneurs. Discover strategic steps to reduce personal credit card utilization, establish a robust business credit profile, and navigate the complexities of […]

New Procedures for Improved Service Efficiency – 2024 Client Protocol Guidelines

The “2024 Client Protocol Guidelines” letter outlines new procedures aimed at improving service efficiency. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining updated MFSN payment details, as notifications for declined credit cards will cease. Immediate payment of invoices for printing and mailing services is required, with no reminders sent. Invoices will now be emailed from an outsourced […]

The Importance of Paying Bills Early for a Strong Credit Score

The article emphasizes the importance of starting the new year with a focus on financial health, particularly by maintaining a strong credit score. It outlines the benefits of a good credit score, such as favorable loan terms and lower interest rates. The article suggests a simple but effective strategy for improving creditworthiness—paying bills early. It […]

The Benefits of Automated Credit Control Systems

This article addresses the pivotal shift from manual credit control methods to automated systems in the modern business landscape. It highlights the inefficiencies and risks associated with traditional spreadsheets and manual follow-ups, advocating for a transition to technology-driven processes. Automated credit control systems are presented as a solution for centralizing customer account management, streamlining payment […]

Cultivating Growth: Fine-Tuning Personal Credit and Preparing for Business Credit Success

Article: Cultivating Growth: Fine-Tuning Personal Credit and Preparing for Business Credit Success BY GIL THE MAGIC CREDIT PILL In today’s dynamic financial landscape, mastering personal credit management and preparing for business credit is crucial for sustained growth and success. For many, navigating these waters can be daunting, but with the right approach and mindset, it’s […]